So, Who Is On The Team?
The Internet Marketer!

I'm kind of the 'Jack of all Trades' in the pack. My specialties are graphics, site design, funnel creation, sales copy and more. Plus, in my experience, it's always kind of nice to have a fellow marketer on the other end of Facebook or Skype to bounce ideas and price points off -  to use two heads instead of one.

That said I'm more than happy to share the load with other experts in the industry who, I am privileged to say, I can call on at any time to give our launch more oomph, panache and KaPoW!
The Copywriter!

Aiza Avupre is a multilingual ink slinging, idea shaping wordsmith and voice actor. For the last 12 years, she has been working as a copywriter creating persuasive scripts for sales letters, launch videos, commercials and more.

When she isn’t glued to a computer screen writing compelling sales material for clients, she spends time studying different marketing strategies to maximize ROI.
The Advertising Expert!

Steve Harsant is the Facebook Ad guy we call on when we want to have our launches show up to a supremely targeted audience in Facebook or anywhere else on the web.

You know when some Ads seem to stalk you wherever and whenever you are online? That's out man Steve working his pixel tracking magic!
The Video Spokesperson!

We have a great little stable of Video Presenters. We look for a friendly sympatico yet authoritative style and delivery that lends itself to a quality sales page and product.

A cool video can make or break a product launch and our videos guys and girls are great. But we can also organize doodle or slideshow type sales  videos if you prefer with cool Sales Audio/Voice Over.
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