Let's Talk Turkey?

So what do you need? How can I help?

Send me your 'Wish List' of the stuff you need help with so I can see if I can help out and let's make your next launch a great one!

It doesn't have to be the whole enchilada, maybe you just need a JV page or some help with your sales copy, logo, videos or imagery.

Of course, whatever we decide on as being a fair fee or profit share well that depends on what you expect me to do for you. Sound about right?

I reserve the right to say, "Thanks, but no thanks." - as do you naturally!

So tell me about your product, finished or in production (maybe the relaunch of an older product?) something about yourself and any existing JV Partners that you have on board and let's talk turkey!

I'm looking forward to it :-) so get in touch via your icon of choice...
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