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"A few weeks ago, I decided to re-launch one of my products on the Warrior Plus platform and was looking around for a JV manager to help with the process.
I knew Clive from previous work he had done with others, so I reached out to him and we decided to form a team. I had already created the product at this time.

From the outset, everything went smoothly. Clive took my original sales copy and brushed it up to help get better conversions and took care of all the technical aspect of setting up the pages ( sales pages, JV page, delivery pages). He has a knack for graphics so everything really looked the part too.

What's more, he has relationships with other top marketers which helped get people on board for our launch which went on to become Product Of The Day.

Clive is easy to work with, gets stuff done and does it to a high quality so if you are looking for a JV manager for your launches, I highly recommend him".

Adam Payne - Product Creator & Affiliate Marketer
"I have engaged with Clive on numerous occasions as my JV partner. His imagery combined with his keen insight into short-copy has generated me well over 6-figures. That's why you see me work with him so often".

Cliff Carrigan - Software Developer & Internet Marketer
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"As a Software Developer and Internet Marketer myself  it wasn't long before Clive appeared on my radar! His graphics and sales copy really stood out from the all the 'noise' and generic sales stuff that I see every day in the IM world so I made a point of reaching out to him.

We've since become great online chums and I recommend his services to my students as a guy that's super easy to work with and somebody who can help them take their online launches to new levels of professionalism. He 'walks the walk' and can turn a mediocre product into a 'must have' product with his great advice and superior design and sales copy talent."

Stoica Bogdan - Software Developer & Internet Coach -
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"I contracted Clive from Big Buzz Projects to create a striking and unique sales page for my upcoming product release. Using his creativity and unique eye, the finished design that he has produced for me has totally blown me away.

From the inception and brainstorming of the themes and concepts, it was clear to me that Clive was dedicated to bringing my vision to life. Clive was readily available for Skype consults and kept me apprised throughout; he really makes you feel like an integral part of the project.

Like any premium and one of a kind service provider, he doesn't come cheap! But let me tell you something, this guy is unique in the marketplace and worth every penny. If you are looking for a sales page or graphics work that will knock everybody’s socks off, then Clive is your man!!!!!"

Paz G - Internet Marketer & Coach
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