So How Would This Work?

Well, it all starts with a chat...

As one Internet Marketer to another let's touch base, shoot the breeze, hangout for a while!

Talk to me about your product, let's have an informal one on one about how we can help each other out.

You let me know how you feel I might be able to help you out, what you need for your launch to take the pressure off you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

I'll let you know if I think your product is a fit for me - sound reasonable?

Worst case scenario? We won't be a fit this time around but we'll part friends.

Best case?  We'll hit it off and both see the benefits of working together on your next launch and hopefully more down the road!

But first things first, let me tell you a bit about myself and where I am today in Internet Marketing and where I started out - let me take you to a website far, far away...

The Warrior Forum was where I used to hang out, mostly to buy stuff until I realised I had it 'arse about face'.

It was the Product Creators that were making the money - selling them to clowns like me that bought and bought but never really actioned anything.

Fortunately I did start achieving some  IM success, after buying a decent training WSO from a genuine vendor and I discovered some tricks and tactics that I could share with others along the way.

My first WSO made me around  $2000, my next $4000 and my next, well it was all cool. I was providing serious info and training or software, my sales pages were unique and gathered a lot of attention but the Warrior Forum was on a downward spiral I felt.
That's when I moved over to W+ and JVZoo, mostly as an affiliate as I had built a small but responsive subscriber list and a marketing membership site with over 3500 members.
So here's the point.  I made way more money as a product creator than as an affiliate. Don't get me wrong, affiliate commissions remain a big part of my monthly income but for BIG paydays products RULE!

LONG STORY SHORT. If you have a product that I can help you promote via my expertise, talent, success rate and humility (!) let's touch base soon.

Whether our JV Launch is set up / created in  JVZoo or W+ or ClickBank or any other Delivery Platform  -  it will always be your call. But all JV platforms make it super easy to split commissions (whatever our agreed split) and the duration of the contract. All on auto-pilot. Win, win for us! Yay!
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